1.5" Model Sea Swirl     


The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model satisfies the need for an oscillating device for large aquariums to create a broad oscillating current, not linear current like our competitors at an economical  price and it is very energy efficient too! Use with the NEW DC Pumps on a Closed Loop to really fire up your circulation!

The 1.5'’ Model was designed for tanks 180 gals. and up and offers the truly smallest footprint area seen in the aquarium of only 2-1/4'’ that can flow up to 6500gph!

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl is to be used with the Low Wattage/ High Flow pumps such as Vectra, Reeflo   Snapper, Dart, Barracuda and Hammerhead, Dolphin, Abyzz and Red Dragon that people use to return water to their tank. Main Incoming Line or a Closed Loop! When using the 1.5'’ model it is to be hard-plumbed only!

Also, with the optional 2'’ outlet the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl will produce exceptionally wide gentle circulation and with our ''Y'' fitting you can cover 180 degrees with awesome current!       

 Two units mounted in opposite corners(front/rear) in the aquarium would cover every area of the tank with ‘’swaying’‘ motion which is seen in nature. This motion is not fast like some of the products on the market, but will produce a strong ‘’wave-crashing’‘ motion then a very calm current will follow as the Sea Swirl oscillates.
As corals grow into high current areas in the aquarium if the current is Linear the corals will tend to shed tissue and possibly even perish, grow around the linear/pulsed current or stop growing all together to avoid the straight line current. Check out the Penn State video with Dr. Sanjay Joshi on our video page! Not so with oscillating current as it is always changing from strong to calm, just like the natural current pattern in the ocean.

With our 18 years in the industry producing our smaller Sea Swirl models here in United States plus the added superior repair and customer service over this time you are assured of a quality product.

So, in closing....Since you have a return water line into the aquarium anyway, why not oscillate it and enjoy the benefits....Nature-like current produced......Economically priced, at almost a third less than our competition and flows the same amount of water!......only 3 watts of power to operate the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl...... It IS the MOST energy efficient oscillating product on the market that flows up to 6500gph!


  • Totally NEW Design.....NO internal o-rings or seals.
  • Straight through 1.5'’ pipe.
  • Available with AC Wall adapters for 220/240 volt applications.
  • Maintenance FREE—set it up and forget it Nothing to clean/soak/grease or bearings to replace.
  • 360 degree adjustable schedule 80 inlet fitting
  • Flow rates from 2000 to 6500gph
  • Threaded outlet coupling.
  • Only needs 1-1/2'’ behind tank to install.
  • Adjustable to your running water line by cutting the 6'’ piece of supplied black pipe.
  • Supplied with Black ‘’sweep’‘ 90, 45, black coupling and black male adapter.
  • Optional 2'’ sweep 90 with 1.5'’ black reducer bushing.
  • Supplied black acrylic bracket works with standard glass tank frames----Euro Bracing or Acrylic tank cut-out areas.
  • Optional ''Y'' fitting for 180 degree oscillating pattern.
  • Links below for Dimensions and Actual size template for mounting.

The ‘’Multi’‘ Size Sea Swirl

2 Sea Swirl sizes all In ONE product box!

That’s right....1"and 3/4" on the inlets and outlets all combined into a single MODEL!
No more having to purchase a larger Model SEA SWIRL if you upgrade your Pump or the size of your Tank.

Flow rate’s from 500gph up to 3500gph! One Size fits All! Same Design features as our 1.5'’ Model Swirl....... but with a Smaller Footprint, (5-½" Long x 3-1/4'’ wide x 2-1/2'’ Tall enclosure). Economical 3 watt very Heavy Duty motor, No Internal o-rings, Threaded outlet Coupling, Same Sea Swirl like Non-Linear coral loving flow as our older version’s that will produce better color, faster growth, and longer polyp extension compared to other products!

First the water sweeps by and it hits the polyps hard for a very short period.... then lets them rest as it moves on and repeats the cycle over again. GREAT for the health of your SPS Corals! Brings nourishment and food AND moves Detritus away!

MULTI SWIRLS are supplied with a 24VAC motor and AC wall adapter. Over Seas adapters available! YOUR CHOICE of mounting bracket supplied..... Either a mounting bracket for standard Plastic Framed Glass Tanks such as Perfecto, AGA, Marineland,..... OR Custom Tanks with Euro Bracing, Acrylic tank tops and Rim-Less tanks such as Elos, etc. Custom Bracket’s are available if you have wider Framed Tanks than 1.5'’ for Standard Plastic framed Glass tanks, Euro Bracing Thicker than 3/4'' and Stainless Steel Frames!

Please check out schematic drawings below for measurements. The ‘’MULTI SIZE’‘ Sea Swirl comes assembled with a 1" fpt inlet and is 1'’ pipe all the way through... and we include all the inlet and outlet fittings for pvc plumbing or Vinyl Hose to reduce down to 3/4". Optional 1/2'' fittings available if needed! YOU choose the size depending on your pump flow rate, size of your aquarium and the circulation you want to create.

Schematic drawings  - seaswirlmulti.pdf

Schematic drawings - seaswirltemplate.pdf


Sea Sweep


  • Sea Swirl Units are not submersible.
  • All Sea Swirl units have adjustable inlets for easier positioning of incoming water line.
  • Most units supplied with a black FPT x FPT inlet filling for hard plumbing with PVC and a barb fitting is included for hose connections. Stronger bracket assembly with 3/8" adjustment screws on ½", 3/4" & 1 models. 1.5", Multi Swirl and Sea Sweep are ½" adjustment screws Oscillates the return from your existing pump, canister filter or power head a full 90 degrees every 30 seconds 180 Degree oscillating capability on 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models with optional "Y" fitting Greatly improves circulation and helps eliminate "Dead Spots"
  • No unsightly equipment and nothing to clean or maintain
  • No more laminar flow
  • Natural wave motion sweeps away excess mucus and waste products.
  • Improved circulation stimulates growth and carries nutrients to corals
  • Discourages growth of unwanted algae.
  • Attaches to top frame of all standard glass aquariums (optional brackets available for Euro bracing/acrylic tanks and rimless tanks if needed).
  • Supplied with adjustable black Loc-line outlet fittings on 1/2" and 3/4" models (approximately 30 degrees vertically)
  • Outer oscillating pipe is machined for standard schedule 40 fittings on ½",
  • 3/4" and 1" models
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the USA - U.S. Patent # 6,321,683

Finally the ultimate in Propeller Pump circulation !

After years of testing and many of our customers wanting to oscillate their Propeller Pumps, we have manufactured a product that will last through many years of operation in our Harsh environments!

The ‘’SEA SWEEP’‘ will oscillate the Controllable AND Non-Controllable Full Size Tunze Round Stream 2, Nano Streams, the New Neptune WAV Power head and the Jebao RW Series Power heads!  Now you can have the effectiveness of the very broad current generated by the High Quality Power heads and oscillate it 90 degrees instead of just having it producing a smaller core area of Linear Current. Imagine, Having your Propeller Pump reproducing a current just like a Wave....First, a ‘’Burst’‘ of water onto your Coral Polyps then a very ‘’Calm’‘ period until the next ‘’Wave’‘ Crashes a little later, creating the perfect ‘’Swaying’‘ Pattern! Your Coral’s will Thank You by growing quicker... The Polyps will Thank You by extending further, and your environment will Thank You by being much cleaner and healthier from the added slow oscillating circulation.

Used in conjunction with our oscillating water return product, The SEA SWIRL, your possibilities are endless for your circulation needs! Over fourteen years producing oscillating equipment for the aquarium industry and with our Superior Repair and Customer Service over this time you are assured of a Quality Product

MADE IN THE USA! We make it here....So America can make it!

The ‘’Uniqueness’‘ of this particular product over the DIY Versions is the Power Head cord is Unseen when installed in the center of the hollow Threaded adjustable length extension pipe(s) and routed through the Black Coupling and the Body of the ‘’Sea Sweep’‘ and out the Top. This way there is NO pinching or twisting of the cord as it Floats inside the supplied pipes.

Economical to operate... Only 3 watts.... and TOTALLY MAINTENANCE FREE! Threaded pipe(s) to adjust the length of positioning of power heads in the water column. YOUR CHOICE of Mounting Bracket supplied.... Either a mounting Bracket for standard Plastic Framed Glass tanks such as Perfecto, AGA, Marineland..... OR Custom Tanks with Euro Bracing, Acrylic tank tops and the ‘’Rim-Less’‘ Tanks such as Elos etc. Custom Brackets also available if Euro bracing is over 3/4'' thick or wider than 1-5/8'' for standard plastic framed glass tanks, fiberglass lips or Stainless Steel frames.

Please check out the schematic section below for bracket adjustment ranges and dimensions of the SEA SWEEP. ALL Models come with our 1 year warranty and our Well Known Customer Service and our Superior Repair Department. SINCE 1998 Supplying the Aquarium Industry with Quality circulation products!